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Hardware Identification Guide

This guide is an invaluable resource you won't do without!  Perfect for anyone new to the door and window industry, or those who provide window and door repairs.

Technical ID Guide

Door Lock Identification Guide

Need help identifying a UPVC or composite multipoint door lock?  Just fill out this step by step form, and send to our sales office who will be pleased to identify the product.  Email [email protected] 

Door Lock Identification Guide

How-to change the direction of a Winkhaus lock

change direction of winkhaus lock

How-to re-hand a Maco door lock in 3 easy steps

change direction of a maco lock

How-to adjust a flag hinge in 3 easy steps

Flag hinge adjustment for a upvc door

How-to re-hand a GU multipoint door lock

how-to rehand a gu lock

How-to adjust a uPVC door hinge

upvc door butt hinge adjustment

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Although we are a trade supplier to the door and window industry, we often get asked for tips and advice. View our how-to video guides to learn how-to identify and replace door and window components.

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