Xpert PTFE Teflon - Self Adhesive, Premium | Brown

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The premium self adhesive teflon is ideal for use on heater plates to prevent plastic from sticking during window and door fabrication.

  • ET 22553 PTFE coated tape for PVCu weld heds
  • Brown
  • Self adhesive
  • Easy to apply
  • Burn–resistant
  • Does not stick to weld material
  • Available in 1 square metre multiples
  • Also available in a 30 metre roll

Application Information

It is recommended that the weld head be cleaned before applying a new sheet of Teflon. Weld heads can be cleaned with Stelmax Thinners Caution! Only change Teflon when weld head is cold. Top tips when using  Teflon in the winter.

Technical Specification

ET 22553 is manufactured from a 0.152mm standard grade PTFE impregnated fibreglass with 0.05mm of high temperature silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. This product is almost chemically inert. Only molten alkali metals and fluorine under elevated temperatures and pressure will attack the PTFE surface. The fibreglass provides dimensional stability and restricts PTFE cold flow. The PTFE surface provides a quick-release surface ideal for PVCu weld heads.

Physical Properties

(Physical properties are typical values and should not be used for writing specifications)

Adhesion (oz/in. width) 45
Break strength (lbs/in. width) 120
Elongation (%) <5
Backing thickness (mm) 0.152
Adhesive thickness (mm) 0.05
Temperature range (degrees C) -75 to +260
Insulation class (degrees C) 180
Box Quantity 30
Part Code TEF10000