Xpert HSS Drill Bits Long Length - DIN340 (TiN)

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If you need to make a deeper hole or reach awkward drilling locations, then these Xpert long-length, high speed steel drill bits are just the job. Durable, robust and made to last, these drill bits won’t walk when you start drilling, or bend, break and overheat when the going gets tough to give precise, efficient cutting you can rely on.


  • 135° drill tip won’t walk when you begin drilling
  • Manufactured to DIN 340 from a single, solid piece of steel for greater break resistance and extended tool life
  • Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating hardens and preserves the cutting surface to ensure the drill bit stays sharp, lasts longer and cuts effectively
  • Drill diameters of 3-10mm for drilling hole sizes of M3.5-M11
  • Available in various lengths 100-184mm
  • Ideal for drilling into steel, iron, copper, nickel, zinc, sheet metal, aluminium and PVCu
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Part Code XDB1030100 | XDB1035112 | XDB1040119 | XDB1045126 | XDB1050132 | XDB1055139 | XDB1060139 | XDB1065148 | XDB1080165 | XDB1100184

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