Window Vents

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  1. Glazpart Link Vents Mk2

    RRP: £4.24 +VAT

  2. Greenwood 2500EA/5000EA Acoustic Vents
  3. Greenwood 5000 EA SlotVent

    RRP: £12.96 +VAT

  4. Greenwood DFW Slotvent

    RRP: £10.88 +VAT

  5. Greenwood DN (Acoustic) Slotvent

    RRP: £76.72 +VAT

  6. Greenwood F Slotvent

    RRP: £5.40 +VAT

  7. Greenwood GB (Gas Board) Slotvent
  8. Greenwood HD Slotvent - Sets

    RRP: £20.20 +VAT

  9. Greenwood HD Slotvent - Singles

    Special: £5.40 +VAT

    RRP: £6.28 +VAT

  10. Greenwood LB Slotvent

    RRP: £5.28 +VAT

  11. Greenwood S Vent Screw Covers

    RRP: £0.08 +VAT

  12. Greenwood SB Slotvent

    RRP: £5.84 +VAT

  13. Greenwood SF Slotvent

    RRP: £5.68 +VAT

  14. RW Simon 500 Pack Recessed Sightline Vent Flyscreens
  15. RW Simon Framevents

    RRP: £6.40 +VAT

  16. RW Simon Slotvent Joiners

    RRP: £2.67 +VAT

  17. RW Simon TTF Slimline Through-Frame Ventilator
  18. RW Simon Vent-A-Matic Rotary In-glass Window Ventilator – model 106 DGS
  19. RW Simon Vent-A-Matic Rotary In-glass Window Ventilator – model 106 for single glazed units
  20. RW Simon Vent-A-Matic Static In-glass Window Ventilator – model DGS/JG

Grid List

20 Item(s)

Window Vents

Window Ware offer a wide range of trickle vents to comply with building regulations document F1. Providing a small slot / opening, the vent allows small amounts of ventilation, to help avoid problems like condensation. Habitable rooms should have a trickle ventilator of 5000mm2 equivalent area and wet rooms should have 2500mm2 equivalent area.

In stock are a choice of screw in, clip in, and acoustic vents for noise-reducing requirements, from leading brands such as RW Simon, Glazpart and Greenwood.

The range of available colours has increased with chartwell green, anthracite grey, and cream becoming popular new additions alongside traditional white, black, brown and tan (oak).

Also in our window ventilation range is the glass fitting vent-a-matic product, suitable for sealed units.