Surcharges for branded products

Due to the devaluation of the GBP back in 2016, are a number of brands issued surcharges to their pricing.

We fully appreciate that our customers need to be competitive and that times are difficult, however with many products purchased in either US dollars, or Euros, unfortunately we are left with no choice but to pass these surcharges onto our customers. These changes originally came into effect for all deliveries on or after 15th September 2016.

For complete clarity, all prices you see on our site will include the current surcharge amount. Please note that the increases shown below are percentage increases on the original pre-surcharge costs.  The surcharge amounts are as follows:

Brand / Supplier

Current Surcharge  - October 2019


Carlisle Brass 9%
Delta 11%
(architectural range)
(excluding architectural range)
Everbuild 5.75%
Fullex 7.5%
GU 3%
Hoppe 13%
Kore 11%
Maco 6.1%
Soudal 6%
Trojan 16%
Yale 9.5%

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