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Stronghold Fall Restraint and Barrier System



From the company that bought you Sashmate®, with the lightweight and robust Stronghold® fall restraint system, you and your co-workers can operate safely and securely around window openings, lift shafts and many other kinds of apertures – at any height! It works, not just as a sturdy anchor point and support, but also as a highly visible barrier to prevent people from getting close enough to fall through the gap.


  • Provides anchor point to support and position windows frames during fitting
  • Supports two fitter harnesses
  • Compact for easy storage. Light to transport. Virtually maintenance-free
  • Can be set up and ready to use in just 5 minutes – saving you time
  • Avoid the insurance cost increases that usually follow accidents
  • Reduces the need for expensive scaffolding
  • Increases safety and professionalism on site
  • Conforms to BS EN 795 B:2012

For further information or to place your order, please email sales@windowware.co.uk


... the window installation went well at Charter House the YMCA building and your training for the Stronghold system really useful. All concerned, operatives, customer and tenants were all impressed with the method of installation and the use of the Stronghold.

The savings on scaffolding was immense due to the staircases being at each end of the building and both 10 floors tall. I would estimate the savings of £20,000.00 at least and the safety greatly enhanced by using the Stronghold rather than scaffolding. I will be in touch for training new operatives in the future.

Ken Richardson – Luton Window Company

... We had obtained a 5 year contract to undertake maintenance on 5x 24 story tower blocks in Camden, London (700+ apartments). I was looking for a cost effective way in which to carry out this work and came across your product alongside another product that the French equivalent to the SAS use to abseil out of buildings. Both myself and my Client decided that the Stronghold was by far the better product for the project, our client especially liked that it has it’s own barrier system there by keeping unauthorised personnel out of the working area, ensure safety requirements are adhered to.

The benefit of Stronghold is it is easily transported and erected, we leave this equipment on one of our vans at all times in case of emergencies (please see attached email). Scaffolding was not an option for our client as would have cost in excessive of £2 million.

James Mann – ABC Locksmiths

... The two previous Strong holds that we had have certainly been put to good use during last year, more especially whilst we were carrying out major refurbishment works in Harlow, Essex and a during a three month project in West London. This use we anticipated saved our clients in excess of £100,000.00 in scaffolding costs, and as importantly it enabled us to complete our projects on time as we were in control of the whole scope of works, and were not relying on other company's to fulfill their part of the contract before we were able to commence ours.

Our installers had always reported that the system is incredibly safe, user friendly and easily transported. This is why we were delighted to place a further order with you, and are equally as delighted with our new purchase and the improvements that have been made.

We were recently asked to re-visit a quotation we had given to the local authority that had been submitted over 2 years ago. By introducing the strong hold system to our client, we were able to dismiss the scaffolding costs and reduce our quote by £77,000.00, and this has secured us a successful contract.

Carol Burton - Exterior Plas

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