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Soudal Soudafill Light

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  • Soudafill Light is an ultra lightweight ready to use filler for gaps and cracks in most porous building materials.
  • Easy to use and fast curing
  • Smooth finish, no sanding required
  • Sets hard on curing
  • Does not sag or shrink
  • Can be painted with alkyd- & water based paints
  • Suitable on most porous surfaces
  • Can be sanded after curing
  • Applications:
  • Repairing or filling of gaps and cracks in walls and ceilings (gypsum board, concrete, stone, etc).
  • Suitable for indoor repair works on mineral substrates like gypsum board, concrete, brickwork, stucco.
  • Suitable for filling of non-movement joints and cracks in walls and ceilings.
  • Shrink-proof finishing around decorative profiles.
  • Remarks:
  • In view of the wide variety of decorative materials, we recommend preliminary compatibility tests to ensure the performance
  • of the product. Do not use outdoor. Not suitable for expansion joints. Painting with heavily filled paints might lead the paint to peel off.

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