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Window Ware The Snapper

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  • Fixing device that enables you to install a fully glazed window in 5 minutes.
  • Fits between frame and masonry
  • No drilling.
  • No plastering.
  • No de-glazing on site.
  • What is a 'Snapper'
  • A stainless spring-steel fixing with angled serrated tongues, which is fixed to the frame itself during manufacture.
  • It can be used with UPVC, timber,or aluminium frames. Drilling through the frame into the masonry is not necessary, the window is installed fully glazed.
  • Snapper will bite into all building materials.
  • What about expansion
  • The Snapper is a double spring and will allow expansion and contraction without releasing its grip on the surrounding material.
  • The Snapper will adjust for frame-to-masonry tolerances of 1mm to 15mm.
  • How does a 'Snapper' work
  • Located on the frame, the serrated tongues allow the frame to be pushed into place, but act as a reversed anchor, and resist movement in the opposite direction.
  • Fitting the window literally takes 5 minutes.
  • Seal in the normal way then on to the next installation.
  • How strong is 'Snapper'
  • Made of austenetic stainless spring steel to BS5770 compression and hard rolled with a tensile strength of approx. 80 tonnes per sq. in.
  • The Snapper will survive a lateral pull on a frame of over 5 tonnes.

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