RW Simon Airstrip 19000 Glazed-in Ventilator

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RW Simon leads the way with this top-performing Airstrip 19000 ventilator, which offers built-in updraught facility and variable operating modes that deliver increased airflow capable of meeting Document F 2010 of building regulations. The Airstrip 19000 is installed between the head of the window profile and held in place by the glazing system. This product is also available as a gas vent, delivering a continuous supply of fresh air in line with Gas Board recommendations. Every ventilator is made to measure to suit your specific application. Please use our custom order form to ensure we have all the relevant information needed to provide you with an accurate quote.


  • External hood as standard
  • Thermally broken / thermally insulated
  • Fitted with storm seal in internal flap. Storm locks available if required
  • Flap control offers two opening positions between fully open and fully shut
  • Permanent trickle (gas), knob, rod and cord operation available
  • Suitable for double glazing thicknesses 20, 24, 28 and 32mm
  • Glass height reduction 64mm
  • Four standard colour options: Black (RAL9005 matt), White (RAL9910 Hicpa satin), Dark Brown Mahogany (RAL8019 matt) & Grey (RAL7016 matt)
  • Special colours and dual colours also available


  • Tested to BS EN 13141-1:2004 achieves 12,931mm2 equivalent area
  • 5000mm2 EA achieved on a length of just 386mm
  • 2500mm2 EA achieved on a length of just 193mm
  • BS 5440-2:2000 compliant
  • Water tightness limit of 600pa
  • Acoustically tested to BS EN 20140-10:1992, ISO 140-10:1991


Two aluminium bodies assembled with thermal break, flap with knob controls at both ends (cord/rod control as optional), pair of end caps, 4 x screws, standard fly screen or gas fly screen, glass and ventilator gasket.

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