Window Ware Rocker Switch

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  • This unit can either be used as a main manual controller for a remotely controlled roof vent system, or can be used as an supplementary manual control unit when used with an automatic vent controller.
  • The large rocker switch is spring loaded to the central off position where the vents will remain undisturbed in their previously set position.
  • This also permits the vent to be set partially open/closed as desired, as well as fully open or closed, depending on the duration of your press.
  • The switch is the same overall size and form as a standard UK light switch panel, and mounted in exactly the same way.
  • It comes complete with a suitable back-box with through-earth/neutral terminal.
  • Available only in white.
  • Current rating is 10 amps (resistive) at 250VAC or 24VDC.
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Part Code ETX20000