Why buying direct isn't always the best bet

November 19th 2020| 0 Comments


It might seem like the people who manufacture a product are always going to be the ones to offer the best price and service. But, as Window Ware's Business Development Manager Karl Williamson argues, that’s not always the case.

Buying direct from the manufacturer is always cheaper – isn’t it?

Not necessarily. It’s a common belief that the best deals can be done by sourcing silicones, foams, adhesives and a whole range of other installation essentials straight from the people who actually make them. But there’s a lot more to it than that.

In many cases, however, it’s not that simple. Price is only one factor, there’s service to consider too; particularly lead times and minimum order quantities. Let’s take silicone as an example.

At Window Ware, we’ve partnered with Belgian-based DL Chemicals, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, who’ve been offering an extensive selection for over 80 years.

That means we’re the exclusive UK distributor of their highly rated reXon CE marked range of silicones, foams, cements, fillers and adhesives.

This partnership allows Window Ware to do what we do best – getting quality products to our customers, on time and in full.

Our distribution warehouse is based centrally in Bedford, which enables us to offer next-day delivery anywhere in the UK, for orders of any size.

In short, buying silicones, foams and other installation essentials directly from Window Ware is by far the best-value option.

Silicone fit for the home improvement boom

The partnership is also allowing us to tackle an issue in our industry that’s become increasingly noticeable in recent years – the lack of choice available when it comes to silicone.

Since the early 2000s, there’s been huge growth in the style and variety of window and door products on offer.

We’re now a world away from the time when 99% of windows sold were white uPVC casements, and the range of silicone colours you can get in the UK has often been extremely limited.

DL Chemicals, by contrast, were quick to react to the boom in coloured profiles and made the investment necessary to allow them – and us - to offer silicone products in a range of different shades. For example, you’ll find our most popular silicone available off the shelf in 11 finishes including irish oak, basalt grey, and cream.

In addition, certain sealants and adhesives are available as foil ‘sausages.’ This kind of packaging is not only cheaper to buy than standard cartridges, but empty sausages also take up much less room and cost 94% less to dispose of compared to traditional plastic tubes. As the world wages war on plastic waste, more ecological and economical packaging will become increasingly more popular.

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