How to Fit a Concealed Window Restrictor

January 01st 2014| 0 Comments

If you are fitting a concealed window restrictor you will need: 
- A drill
- A window restrictor

Step 1 : Select the restrictor and fit the restrictor arm

- Hold the window with your hand move the window back and forth to simulate the window opening and closing while holding the stud in place.

- When you are happy with the position and the restrictor closes smoothly mark off with a pencil where you want the stud to be placed.

- Once positioned drill two pilot holes into the outer window frame.

- Hold the restrictor in place over the pre drilled holes.

- Using the drill, drill the screws into place.

- Check the restrictor arm is firmly in place but that the arm can be moved as desired.

Step 2: Insert the restrictor stud

- Feel the underside of the window inner frame.

- Locate where you think the stud needs to be placed.

- Hold firmly in place whilst drilling the stud into place.

Step 3:  Engage the restrictor and complete these final checks.

- Pull the window in towards the closed position to engage the restrictor.

- To release the restrictor gently push the arm towards the inside of the window to fully open the window.

To fit a concealed window restrictor simply:

  1. Select the restrictor and fit the restrictor arm.
  2. Insert the restrictor stud.
  3. Engage the restrictor and complete final checks.