How to change a Window Handle

January 01st 2014| 0 Comments

There are many reasons to replace your old windows, they could be broken or damaged or you might just want to let more light in a particular room in your house.

You’ll need…
A Philips head screw driver
A ruler or tape measure

Step 1: Remove the existing window handle

- Remove the screw cover caps.

- Put the handle in the open position.

- Undo the screws.

- Once the screws are undone the handle should gently lift out.


Step 2: Identify a replacement handle

- Identify whether the handle is left hand, inline or right hand.

- Measure the spindle length.

- Now you can select your replacement handle! We have a wide range available online, ready for next day delivery.

- Take a look at our range of window handles if you need help choosing a replacement. 


Step 3: Fit the replacement handle

- Put the new handle in the open position.

- Hold the handle with one hand.

- With the free hand screw the bottom screw into place and then screw the top screw into place.

- Push into place the screw cover caps.

- Check the handle is operating correctly.

To change a window handle:

  1. Remove the existing window handle.
  2. Identify a replacement handle.
  3. Fit the replacement handle.

If you’re still finding it difficult to change a window handle in your home, call our window and door specialists on 01234 242 724 for advice on what to do next.