MACO MK2 Wrap Around Gearing For Large Top Hung Casements

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Code Size Mushroom Height Type Stock Box Qty RRP Trade Price Qty
MAC220029 456mm 7.7mm Centrelock 10+ 20 £13.88 Apply/​Login
MAC220030 586mm 7.7mm Centrelock 10+ 20 £14.72 Apply/​Login
MAC220031 686mm 7.7mm Centrelock 10+ 20 £17.08 Apply/​Login
MAC220035 456mm 9mm Centrelock 10+ 20 £14.72 Apply/​Login
MAC220036 586mm 9mm Centrelock 10+ 20 £14.72 Apply/​Login
MAC220037 686mm 9mm Centrelock 10+ 20 £17.08 Apply/​Login
MAC220229 500-800mm 7.7mm Extension 10+ 40 £8.16 Apply/​Login
MAC220230 801-1100mm 7.7mm Extension 10+ 30 £10.30 Apply/​Login
MAC220232 500-800mm 9mm Extension 10+ 40 £8.16 Apply/​Login
MAC220233 801-1100mm 9mm Extension 10+ 30 £10.30 Apply/​Login
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These MACO MK2 extensions allow large top hung windows to benefit from an additional locking point on the side of the sash between the hinge and the shootbolt.

The range consists of:

  • 2 shootbolt extensions covering a sash rebate width of between 500mm and 1100mm.
  • 3 sizes of centre locks for fitting to the hinge side.

Due to the different geometry of the locking on the bottom and side of the casement the night-vent function is not available. The MK2 standard gearbox should be used with the wrap around gearing not the short gearbox.

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