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Think smart locks are too costly or complicated to offer as standard? Think again! The new Kubu smart-equipped lock from Avantis Hardware is bringing smart hardware to the masses – simply and affordably – even for door manufacturers who build hundreds of doors per week! A competitive price point keeps your profit margins intact while clever engineering means Kubu integrates effortlessly into your current production line with no additional work or disruption on the factory floor, and no support burden for the fabricator or installer.

How does Kubu work?

From the moment a door is fitted with a Kubu lock at the factory, it is effectively ‘primed for smart’. The homeowner then chooses at any time to purchase the Kubu starter kit and App and switch on smart capability themselves. Set-up is a cinch and takes just 15 minutes, after which they can check lock status remotely, track access and receive real-time notifications anywhere via their smart phone.

It’s a no-sweat smart hardware solution

  • Future-ready and affordable – easy, low-risk way for fabricators and fitters to offer smart hardware as standard and in volume to capitalize on the Smart Home Revolution.

  • Fuss-free fitting – Kubu-equipped door locks are very easy to fit via a standard machine-routed prep, and because the electronic smart module is battery-powered and long life, there’s no hardwiring required!

  • Stand out from the crowd – This home tech solution adds real value for the homeowner, which all helps to give you the edge over your competitors and drive sales.

  • No extra work involved – Fabricators and installers fit the Kubu equipped door lock and leave the homeowner to activate smart capability simply by purchasing a starter kit and installing the module and home hub themselves. You won’t have to answer technical queries from consumers either, as there’s a dedicated support team to take care of all that.

  • Free marketing support – You’ll have access to a wide range of free marketing materials to help you explain the benefits, win over customers and grow your business.
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