Door Keeps & Packers

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  1. MACO CTS Centre Latch & Dead Bolt Keeps

    Special: £4.09 +VAT

    RRP: £6.31 +VAT

  2. MACO CTS Combined Hook & Roller Keeps

    Special: £5.18 +VAT

    RRP: £5.97 +VAT

  3. MACO Hook/Deadbolt Striker

    RRP: £3.20 +VAT

  4. MACO Single Slot Shootbolt Striker

    Special: £2.96 +VAT

    RRP: £2.98 +VAT

  5. MACO Tilt Before Turn / Door Roller Strikers

    Special: £0.52 +VAT

    RRP: £0.71 +VAT

  6. MACO WTS/GTS Door Bolt Latch & Deadbolt Strikers
  7. MACO WTS/GTS French Door 2-Slot Shootbolt Striker

    Special: £4.82 +VAT

    RRP: £6.32 +VAT

  8. MACO ZTA Composite Door Centre Latch & Dead Bolt Keeps
  9. MACO ZTA Composite Door Hook Keeps

Grid List

9 Item(s)

Door Keeps & Packers

We have many, many different types of door keeps and strikers available, from single keeps to one piece; and from latch and deadbolt keeps, to hook keeps. We have strike plates and keeps to suit most major brands, and some universal ones too. If you're a bit stuck, just get in touch and ask us and we'll give you a hand.