Caldwell Folding Openers

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  1. Caldwell Folding Opener Packers

    RRP: £0.50 +VAT

  2. Caldwell Folding Window Opener Low-level Operation
  3. Caldwell Folding Openers Operating Pole / Boss Pole
  4. Caldwell Tandem Bars

    Special: £6.60 +VAT

    RRP: £8.83 +VAT

  5. Caldwell Tandem Bar Eyes

    Special: £3.50 +VAT

    RRP: £3.63 +VAT

  6. Caldwell Folding Window Opener High-level Operation
  7. Caldwell Tandem Bar End Caps & Screws

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Grid List

7 Item(s)

Caldwell Folding Openers

Caldwell’s range of folding openers are widely regarded in the UK as the premier over centre cam stay. To help you build the right system for your particular casement configuration, we’ve grouped products according to high-level (pole-operated) or low-level (hand-operated) usage.

High level, pole-operated systems

If you need a folding opener system to work with an operating pole or boss pole on windows at height or in hard-to-reach places, we recommend the Caldwell 110 / 111 series. These cam openers have been designed to work with a small 18mm diameter boss pole for safe, controlled and effortless operation at distance every time. Your exact choice of opener depends on the step size and screw centre you require – please check with our technical team if you’re unsure.

Low-level, hand operated systems

Looking for folding openers to work on windows at low levels which will be operated by hand? We recommend the Caldwell 112 series. These cam openers have been designed to be safe for manual use and give an extended opening arc that ensures the tandem bar won’t clash with internal cill boards. The step size and screw centre is critical to specifying the correct opener – please consult our technical team if you need help with your product selection.